Gloss Coated Card and Paper

By popular demand, we now have a range of Gloss Coated Card and Paper in 5 different weights – 128, 150, 200, 250 and 300gsm!

Smooth Black is now available in 250gsm, making that a total of 6 different weights!

New Kaleidoscope colour in stock now:
Sahara, a gorgeous, warm, sandy colour

New! Mirror in Blue and Pink Holographic!

New Mirror in Blue Azure and Hot Pink available now!

2024 Mini Calendar Tabs are now in stock due to popular demand!

2023 Mini Calendar Tabs are now 50% off for those still working on this year’s projects.

Check out our new, Limited Edition card:

Rives Tradition Natural White
Barry Bleach Board

Smooth Black now available in 350 and 400gsm!

New in stock: Via Felt Black 270gsm.

Textured, luxurious, beautiful.

Shiny, black, new. It’s Black Astralux!

Brand new Knight Ivory, Knight White and White Linen in 350gsm.