Kaleidoscope Christmas Pack – Quilling Strips 9mm

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Quantity per pack: 100
Size: 9 x 300mm
Weight: 120gsm

Our Quilling Strips are made in-house, they’re cut to size and padded on both ends so they stay together neatly but are easily removed.

This pack contains strips of each of the following Kaleidoscope colours: Ruby (a vibrant, fire engine red), Emerald (forest green) and Mint (bright green).

Kaleidoscope is a range of beautifully coloured, matte card and paper which has a very slight texture and a lovely, thick feeling. It’s manufactured from 100% recycled materials.

Kaleidoscope is acid free and holds the German Blue Angel Ecolabel which means that it’s guaranteed to be made from recycled material, the use of chlorine and other non-biodegradable bleaching agents are prohibited in manufacturing and, if handled correctly the paper is resistant to ageing for hundreds of years.

Colours are indicative only, please contact us if you have any questions.