Terms and Conditions

As part of our commitment to processing your order as quickly and smoothly as possible, House of Paper follows the policies described below. 

  1. Pricing 
    • Prices charged are those ruling at the date of invoice. Prices are subject to change without notice.
    • GST is additional to all prices stated.
  2. Minimum Order Values
    • Orders having a value of less than $50.00 (excluding GST and freight), will be charged a low order fee of $25.00.
    • To retain wholesale access, a minimum of one order must be placed every 3 months, totalling at least $150 (excluding GST and freight)
  3. Freight
    • Freight will be charged based on cost and transferred on to the customer.
    • Goods will be deemed to have been delivered at the time they are loaded for transport.
  4. Swatches
    • Swatches are available at a cost of $20.00 per set.
  5. Payment
    • Payments can be made by credit card or direct deposit.
    • All orders must be paid in full before dispatch.
  6. Returns
    • Return of goods will only be accepted under the following circumstances:
      • All returns to be advised in writing with House of Paper invoice number quoted.
      • Goods to be returned to House of Paper within 7 days of invoice date.
      • Goods must be in original packaging and condition.
      • Freight and delivery charges are not eligible for credit.
      • Subject to a 10% restocking fee for wrongly ordered items.
    • The following will not be accepted for credit:
      • Any product that has been modified at the customer’s request.
      • Products that have been ordered especially for the customer.
      • Any product which has been altered in any way.
  7. Price Disputes
    • Must be advised in writing to House of Paper within 14 days of invoice.
  8. Property
    • Property in and ownership of all products remains with House of Paper and will not pass to the customer until all products and all other debts owing to House of Paper by the customer have been paid in full.
  9. Guarantees
    • Quality and printability of all papers and card stock are manufacturers’ claims, House of Paper does not accept any responsibility and we recommend testing those claims.