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Quick Order Tips

Quick Order is definitely our favourite feature of this new website, it makes life so much easier when we know what we want and we want to place an order quickly.

The form searches on the product name or product code. It displays products with the ones we’ve most recently added at the top, so to quickly find what you’re looking for, we suggest a few little tips:

  1. Instead of searching 12×12 or 5×7, add some spaces and search for 12 x 12 or 5 x 7, otherwise it’s treated as a single word and we’ve kept it separate in our product names.
  2. The search works on partial words, for example, ‘star’ will bring up Stardream products and ‘kal’ will search for Kaleidoscope.
  3. The words you’re searching don’t need to be in the same order as the product name.

The search results will show a maximum of 100 products, so if you’ve scrolled to the bottom and can’t see what you’re after, consider adding more words to your search.

You can click on the product name if you need to check any details. It will open the product page in a new tab.

Once you’ve found the product you’re after, change the quantity and click ‘Add to Cart’. If you’d like to add more, change the quantity to the number you’d like to add and click ‘Add More’. Please note that if you want to reduce the quantity, you’ll need to do this in the Cart before you check out. Just change your quantities and don’t forget to click ‘Update cart’ at the bottom.